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The Dark Wife (2011)

by Sarah Diemer(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 4
1461179939 (ISBN13: 9781461179931)
review 1: Basically I liked Hades' portrayal there, I liked the feminist themes prominent throughout the book, I was super excited there's a GLBT-friendly interpretation of this couple but I wasn't that fond of the author's prose/writing and as a result of said writing, much to my disappointment, I found it a bit difficult to connect with Persephone as a character, even if I did feel sympathy for her for her situation in the beginning and was glad that she was eventually able to stand up for herself and the people she loves.
review 2: I have never read anything like this in my entire life. The raw and incredible details made me feel like I was Persephone. With every page I was brought into the world of the Greek gods and goddesses and given a new perspective on the famou
... mores tale of the Queen of the Underworld. I honestly wish that this was the tale and not the horrid one that we know of. I can't believe someone had such creativity to write a book like this and I admire Ms./Mrs. Diemer so much for creating this world that I was privileged to see. less
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Was a great book I loved the ending really cant explain it without you reading it yourself. : )
This book is everything I have ever wanted in a lesbian romance novel.
A magnificent re-imagining of Persephone's ancient myth.
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