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B (2011)

by Sarah Kay(Favorite Author)
3.73 of 5 Votes: 8
1612182798 (ISBN13: 9781612182797)
The Domino Project
review 1: This Spoken word poem is beautifully transmitted to paper. As I have always told myself " I must memorize this and say this poem to my daughter". Now I can still memorize it but also have a picture book that she will be able to see and know. This book is simplistic but powerful, and Sarah Kay has a way with word patterns and descriptions. If you haven't seen her preform this poem. Check it out on youtube.
review 2: Based upon her poem "If I Should Have a Daughter" (frequently forwarded and attached to status updates as a result of Sarah's having performed this piece at a TED conference. Lovely, lovely little book sure to be gifted over and over to mothers and daughters everywhere. Don't miss this single verse book sure to touch a mother's heart. I know who I wi
... morell gift this to right away. Well. ..a couple of people. . .this one is not to missed as the holidays approach. Kristie's stocking stuffer! less
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Loved it! Loved the words! It's extremely unbelievable.
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