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Buddhism For Mothers Of School Children: Finding Calm In The Chaos Of The School Years (2009)

by Sarah Napthali(Favorite Author)
4.39 of 5 Votes: 5
1282386077 (ISBN13: 9781282386075)
Allen & Unwin Australia
review 1: I whizzed through this and want to read it again straight away - it hit me right where I am in my life right now. I love Sarah's style of writing and the sheer kindness that come off the pages is wonderful when you're absolutely run down by the daily round of squabbles and school runs. One I'll come back to over and over, I think.ETA: The section on "the need to be seen" is absolutely wonderful, by the way. Explains a whole lot of school-gate misery; I wish I'd had this when my eldest started preschool, let alone school! Also I was rather sceptical about loving-kindness meditation, but it does seem to make the world a nicer place. :)One more thing - the "...and this" way of thinking is a real gem.
review 2: Really glad I read this. I found it immensely clarifyi
... moreng - many of the vague anxieties, doubts and experiences I have been grappling with were beautifully articulated. Probably most useful to me was the notion of being "with" my anger - observing it without judging myself, and being as compassionate and empathetic towards myself as I expect myself to be towards my children. Also, when she said something about adult life being quite lonely at times, I kind of cried a bit cause yeah. It sort of is. less
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I enjoyed her first book more but this was a worthwhile read too.
Good book for parents entering this stage.
Calming. Intimate. Practical.
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