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Crossroads In Time (2000)

by Sarah Woodbury(Favorite Author)
4.21 of 5 Votes: 2
After Cilmeri
review 1: I have read all of the current Cilmeri books to date, and love how Sarah Woodbury has written this series. The people feel real, the situations are believable, and she paints a rich tapestry without overloading on details. Crossroads in Time doesn't disappoint.Anna takes a more active role in this book, and we see her strengths, where she was less than thrilled about her fate when she first arrived. As tragic as it is, Woodbury doesn't shield her readers from the reality of women's lives in the Middle Ages. Miscarriage, fear of death, and uncertainty are part of each day.The silver lining may be slim, but its there, and the proud Welsh don't give up so easily.
review 2: This is the final book in the series and wraps up the story fairly neatly, though I wouldn't
... more be surprised to see her write another. It is three years later, and Meg arrives back in the middle ages--this time in a small plane!It is one big happy reunion with LLewlellyn and her now grown kids. Welsh politics are really hard to keep track of without a chart of the players! The side switching and back stabbing that goes on is difficult to follow. I still question the acceptance of these strange people by the locals, but the story was interesting and I enjoyed it. less
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Another of the series A Time Travel Fantasy Bundle, excellent reading as the story continues.
romantic, historical time travel. must read if your into that genre
These are a series of books that you cant stop. Enjoyed every one!
I am addicted to this "what if" time traveling series.
I loved this series!
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