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The Springsweet (2012)

by Saundra Mitchell(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 1
054760842X (ISBN13: 9780547608426)
Harcourt Children's Books
The Vespertine
review 1: I was actually looking forward to The Springsweet the sequel of The Vespertine. However I did not enjoy it as much. It is probably because the backdrop of the story is not as appealing and lush as the first book. The story is mediocre. There wasn't much suspense or excitement unlike the first. It was basically her going around telling people where to dig wells. The problem was resolved pretty easily and I could tell where it was going to lead to at the start. There was no will to carry on but minor difficulties in the book might spark mild interest.
review 2: I loved The Vespertine by Saundra Mitchell. This companion novel, The Springsweet, was also well-written, but left me feeling like something was missing. First of all, it seemed much shorter to me. Seco
... morend, it was a less complex and compelling story and completely lacked the element of mystery present in the first book. The characters and setting make for an enjoyable read, but one that did not quite live up to my expectations. less
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I adored this book, the excellent sequel to The Vespertine.
Indescribably sweet and an excellent read.
Very sweet : )
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