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King Hall (2013)

by Scarlett Dawn(Favorite Author)
4.29 of 5 Votes: 3
Escape Publishing
Forever Evermore
review 1: The title and cover don't do this book justice. I downloaded a sample because other reviews, many of which were so full of trite praise that I didn't believe them. I ended up buying the book and agreeing with the other reviewers. This is a roller coaster where you love and laugh and cry with the cast. The plot and action are interesting and intricate enough that you are left wondering about not just the fate of their relationships but also their world. You won't be disappointed. I can't wait for the next one.
review 2: For me, King Hall hovers between a 3 and a 3.5. It has the makings of a great book — a wide variety of characters, a setting conducive to all kinds of situations, and unlimited plot potential, but for me, something didn’t gel. It may be becau
... morese the book got such good ratings that I set my expectations too high, but I felt like I spent most of the book waiting for something big to happen. Plot:Lily, who is part shifter and part vampire, attends a school for Mystical creatures. After a personal tragedy, she is named a Prodigy, a future queen for all shifters. She quickly becomes friends with the other three Prodigies and together they train to be the leaders of their people. Their training and their positions become much more important when the Commoners (normal folks, mundanes, whatever) declare war against the Mysticals. Characters:Lily is the heroine of the book, but she receives a lot of help from the other Prodigies: Jack, a water elemental; Pearl, a mage; and Ezra, a vampire. Each of the Prodigies had distinct personalities and quirks, and I loved that about them. What I didn’t love was that they found (as I guess a lot of leaders do) their people to be beneath them and thought of them more as annoyances than loyal subjects. The other thing I didn’t love, was their promiscuity. The author explained that Mysticals were “friendlier” (i.e., hornier) than normal people, and I’m not really a prude (I swear), but it bothered me that for a while, Lily slept with a different person every night, especially after an exceptionally brief period of mourning after the death of her true mate. Also, while the characters were likeable, most of the danger they found themselves in was because they deliberately disobeyed the instructions of their mentors, the Kings.Writing:I was searching a new adult paranormal book when I several lists recommended King Hall. The book was definitely paranormal, but I’m not really sure about the new adult classification. While there was a lot (a LOT a lot) of cursing, frequent discussions about sex, and several situations that could have led to two characters having sex, there was no actual sex. Except for the beginning of the book, romance was also pretty non-existent. In terms of the actual writing, it wasn’t bad at all, but there was some room for improvement. Dawn could have given more background information (specifically on Lily, Ezra and Antonio), and there were several grammatical errors. On a positive note, the errors weren’t so disruptive that I kept having to reread to get the gist. The Bottom Line:King Hall is the first in a series, so I guess everything boils down to whether or not I will be reading the sequel. This usually isn’t the case for me, but even though I was underwhelmed by King Hall, I have already downloaded King Cave. I did like the characters, and the action that I had been so anxiously awaiting finally happened (in a major way) at the very end of the book, so I want to see what happens next. less
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Amazing!! Hard not to fall in love with the characters!! Starting the next book immediately!!
Loved this, great start to a series cant wait to start the next one!
4.5 stars. I am really liking this series...
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