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Explicit Instruction (2014)

by Scarlett Finn(Favorite Author)
2.44 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: I loved this book from beginning to end. Rushe was awesome, he is crude, moody and possessive. I loved how we never knew his exact story and why he was involved in the situation Flick found herself in. Flick was naïve which usually annoys me in my books but I loved her. She is compulsive, stubborn and doesn't listen but most of her decisions are based on her feelings for Rushe and she adores him at times to a fault because she doesn't think. Also, can't forget the sex which was HOT and boy do they enjoy it. I am looking forward to book 2 and seeing how their relationship continues to develop.
review 2: I wouldn't really call this a dark romance, although it on the surface seemed like it was going to be. Honestly, I was a little creeped out reading it. Waitin
... moreg for it to get icky, but it never did. Yes, there was a 100 sex scenes. Unfortunately, they were extremely repetitive. Also, how many freaking times can a girl get kidnapped? Not one of her captors takes advantage of her? Just the so-called good guy? The whole premise of the book was a little far fetched for me. There are a lot of meetings between the bad guys, but what exactly are they doing? Is he a good or bad guy? I felt like I needed a good scrubbing after reading it. Mainly because the two main character really needed one. less
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I have to think. Review to come...
DNF at 41%
Loved it!!
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