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Dear Life, You Suck (2013)

by Scott Blagden(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 2
0547904312 (ISBN13: 9780547904313)
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review 1: Maybe two and a half stars to be generous. I just couldn't quite get over the "slang" used in this book. It wasn't teen slang, it was Cricket (the main character) slang. Basically, he rarely used the same descriptive words twice and he made many of them up. While I thought perhaps I would get used to it, it remained distracting throughout the book because it wasn't always clear what he was trying to say. Therefore, the story wasn't as easy to get into. In the end, the story was a bit generic and the wordplay was all the novel had going for it, which for me just wasn't enough.
review 2: I think that all teachers should read this book. It really helped remind me to keep my student's home lives and histories in mind, especially the difficult ones. Cricket, the pro
... moretagonist, is an orphan and is about to turn 18. For his entire life, all he has known is violence, neglect, drug abuse, etc. When he was put into an orphanage, things changed greatly but he can't forget his past and it affects his decision making and his relationships still 8 years later. He doesn't have a mother or father figure in his life until specific teachers and students reach out to him to help him see what he does have going for him. So creatively written. Such great character development. Definite read. less
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This book was so great! So funny. Everyone who loves to read will love it.
A great story if you can get past the language and misbehaviors.
Good story... Not a fan of the author's language choices.
In spite of impossible odds, I liked this.
ugh nope couldn't make it to chapter 3
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