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The Temporary Gentleman (2014)

by Sebastian Barry(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 2
0670025879 (ISBN13: 9780670025879)
Viking Adult
review 1: A terribly poignant story of a disintegrating marriage. Jack is an Irishman who is commissioned into the British Army during WWII. He has just married Mai, a woman of great beauty, but who suffers from deep depression. In spite of having two children, she is unable to find joy in her life and takes to drinking. While Jack is away during the war, her physical and mental health deteriorate and the family is left broken. After her death, Jack returns to work in Africa, but he never escapes the guilt he feels about the loss of his wife.
review 2: My first Sebastian Barry read; and a strangely captivating one. Lyrical and reflective, it is very 'Irish' in its rhythms and language. Jack McNulty, a British Officer based in Accra talks to you and tries to make sense of
... more his life with fragile Mai, his beautiful wife in Sligo. A troubled relationship; there is drunkenness, estrangement, gambling and deceit but so much love and tenderness too. And two wonderful daughters. Really flawed characters, but complex and strangely arouse much empathy. less
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Amazing, beautifully written story of failure and redemption.
I can't help it; I love everything Barry writes...
Beautifully written and horribly sad.
a GREAT book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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