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Hussy (2013)

by Selena Kitt(Favorite Author)
3.33 of 5 Votes: 1
Excessica Publishing
review 1: So, I realize now that Selena Kitt just isn't the author for me. This is the 4th book by her I have read, and it is always the same mediocre review from me. I wish I liked her more as I really seem to be in the minority here, but to each their own.However, that being said, out of the 4 I have read by her I liked this one the best. It actually had a story to tell and something for the character to overcome. The romance seemed so so rushed though, which given Lindsey's history was surprising. Was no therapy needed??? Zach must be the most patient and understanding guy EVER. I digress though, I know this is supposed to be fantasy. I just like mine when I actually feel transported thru the pages like it could actually happen though. :)
review 2: I received
... morethis book in exchange for an honest review. We meet Lindsey, the girl in school who will have sex with anyone and everyone, any way, any how no matter how rough and with how many. She's known and called by many a "Slut". She's proud of herself and goes out of her way to set up meetings for rough Sex, the rougher the better. Until things go a bit wrong, and until she meets Lieutenant Zachary Davis. Who sees through Lindsey's tough exterior. When I read the synopsis for this book I went in reading it thinking one thing, but came away thinking something else. It Wasn't what I expected. It was shocking and uncomfortable to read. but the message was loud and clear, don't judge a book by a cover you never know what's underneath. This book made me want to stop reading I was shocked at the scenes as they played out. But Im sure in real life its just as horrific. I was glad Lindsey met Zachary Davis. He seen right through her act and made her see some thing about herself that is good. He makes her believe in her self. less
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I must admit I had to read this book twice to fall in luv with it...
not for the faint at heart
Did not finish.
3.5 stars
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