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Shadow Blade (2010)

by Seressia Glass(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 5
1439156794 (ISBN13: 9781439156797)
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review 1: This book is a mixed bag for me. Once I got into the story, I found I liked most of the characters, even though the main couple failed to fully engage me. I'm not usually a fan of main characters though, so that's a grain of salt sort of complaint.The mythos it draws from is Egyptian tales, and there's an interesting focus on antiques and old powers which I really liked, but the whole light vs shadow thing is a little overdone for me, especially with as hard-line as this story takes it. The idea of weapons specifically attuned to light or shadow was really neat though, and it worked here in a way I usually only see in video games.At times, the little details in the story itself was clever and interesting. At other times... well, let me just quote from the very first page."... moreShe knew they were on an island as they'd had to reach it by boat." I guess it's a small thing, but it sort of threw me out and the book lost me for the first 20 or so pages. Does she mean she saw that the only way to get there was by boat? If so, then she didn't know it was an island because of the boat thing, she knew it was an island because she *saw* it was an island. If she meant she knew it was an island because they'd arrived by boat, well, there's more problems with that. It's awkward, imprecise language, and it crops up infrequently but more than I'd like. Still, the bits I liked, I liked well enough to enjoy the book overall, and while I won't be running right out for book 2, if the opportunity to pick it up presents itself, I'll probably give it a go.
review 2: I've "read" 3 books fairly closely together this week all of the supposedly action or UF genres. This is the first of the 3 that didn't turn out to a romance with elements of some other genre thrown in to suck in unsuspecting readers. I put "read" in quotes as these have all been "audio reads" it's Christmas season and one can listen to books while doing other things.This book was not bad, I'd even put it in the pretty good category. If we had the much lamented half star system I'd probably go 3.5 stars here. It only misses a 4 star rating because "FOR ME" that's "FOR ME" it seemed to bog down badly in a few places. There were a couple of times when I "laid it aside" that I wasn't really in a hurry to get back to it. There were other books I wanted to start. I did however get back to it, mostly I suppose to see how it tied up. The ending was fairly predictable but okay. We have a bit of action and a bit of magic here while there is a big dollop of romance in the book for you who need that. It just doesn't completely overwhelm the rest of the novel. Our protagonist is another in the long line of people born with extraordinary talents and totally misunderstood. She doesn't know anything about her parents (the parental mystery...who is she, where does she come from) she had trouble controlling her powers and almost killed someone. She ends up being raised by a mysterious person and ends up part of a mysterious group in which she's known to be a rebel and very powerful. There's concern at times from her allies about which side she'd on..etc., etc., etc.The book itself is centered very heavily in ancient Egyptian mythology with touches of other older and more pagan religious systems. Our hero/heroine interacts with the deities and the climax of the book leans on a fairly well known part of the Egyptian mythology.All in all a fairly interesting story with a fairly well done set of characters. I may not run right out and grab the next book but next time I find myself wanting a UF and not having one handy I'll probably pick up the second in this series. Try it for yourself, it's pretty good. less
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Technically good, but I just didn't connect with the characters.
Really exciting and intriguing. Loved the kick-ass heroine.
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