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Pus Junkies (2014)

by Shane McKenzie(Favorite Author)
4.23 of 5 Votes: 2
1621051366 (ISBN13: 9781621051367)
Eraserhead Press
review 1: I have said this before and I will say it again: a big element of Bizarro is escape artistry. The Bizarro author escapes good taste and escapes all the things they have stacked against them. One of the things a Bizarro writer has stacked against them is the central absurd premise. To make dying of cancer sad is a magic trick roughly as impressive as "pull my finger" or "is that a quarter behind your ear?" To make an eternity selling dildos tragic and loaded with pathos is in the realm of Copperfield, Blackstone and Houdin. (No, I did not misspell Houdini, I mean Robert motherf***ing Houdin). Shane McKenzie has tasked himself with making hallucinogenic acne beautiful and tragic and with merging American Pie and Porky's with a touch of cosmic horror. He's set up a big trick.... more And he pulls it off. He pulls it off really well. You might very well be repulsed. It's a book called Pus Junkies. That's the kind of thing that grosses people out. But in this case, it's also the kind of thing that makes you laugh and makes you think. It's good. It's really good.
review 2: PUS JUNKIES is nasty. Like nasty-nasty. It is a gross out high school drama bizarro story. But it’s also horror. It’s kind of more horror than bizarro. But it’s gross and it’s Shane Mckenzie so you can kind of assume it’s going to be nasty and drippy and a bit unsettling. Kip has acne. Terrible acne. The worst acne in the history of puberty. It’s so bad that he’s basically a monster. The kids at school call him The Toad. They hate him. They make fun of him. They beat him up. He doesn’t have any friends. He’s alone. His best friend is his mommy. But then his cousin, Zak, moves in with him. Zak’s having trouble at home, at school. Trouble with drugs. His mom’s boyfriend is beating him up. So he moves in with his aunt and his zitty cousin. Kip thinks things are going to change. He’s got his cousin back. They used to be best friends. When they were kids. Zak’s cool and handsome and far more popular than Kip after only a week at school. Kip was right, though, things are going to change. Things are going to get nasty and dirty.On Senior Skip Day, Zak convinces Kip to skip and attend a party with the cool kids. One thing leads to another and the prettiest girl in school, Jade, ends up eating a small amount of pus from one of Kip’s zits. (That might be one of the weirdest sentences I’ve ever written – and I’m a bizarro writer). It turns out Kip’s zit-pus is a strong, highly addictive drug. It instantly turns “users” into raging monsters. Their only reason for living is Kip’s pus. And they’ll do anything to get some more of it.This book is nutty. It’s funny and gross and not at all for the squeamish. It’s also everything I’ve come to expect from a Shane McKenzie book. There is so much pus and blood and shit and just about every other body fluid here that you almost need to wear a hazmat suit while reading. It basically jumps off the page at you. All the grossness. All the gooey colorful sick.I loved it. There were times when I felt like I should have been even more grossed out than I already was. Maybe I’m just a sick, desensitized man. But if that’s true then Shane McKenzie is the sickest person ever. He’d have to be to write PUS JUNKIES, right? less
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Definitely the most disgusting book I have ever read. :)
Disgusting but yet I enjoyed every minute of it
Look for my review in Splatterpunk #5.
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