Reviews: Heir of Fire, Queen of Shadows & Empire of Storms [SPOILERS]

Heir of Fire, Queen of Shadows & Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas 


It’s been difficult for me to write reviews lately and since I’ve loved all the books in this series, I thought it would be pointless to make different posts saying the same thing, so I decided to compile these reviews into a single post as you can see. 

There will be SPOILERS in this post, you are warned. 

You can also find reviews to the other two books below. 

  • Throne of Glass [Review] 
  • Crown of Midnight [Review]

First of all, I want to start by listing my favorites in this series, because why not? (I haven’t read Tower of Dawn yet, by the way). 

  • Empire of Storms  
  • Heir of Fire
  • Queen of Shadows
  • Crown of Midnight 
  • Throne of Glass
  • PLOT: The plot of the first and second book was great, do not get me wrong, but as soon as it as revealed that Celaena was actually Aelin and that there were demon princes, Erawan, Maeve and Manon (I LOVE MANON and ABRAXOS so much, you have no idea) it all got so much more exciting and it had so much more potential. 

    The revelation that the King of Adarlan was actually possessed by Erawan and that Aelin was the Queen that was promised (for the gods, apparently) – both seemed a bit out of nowhere, rushed for sure and maybe not properly handled. I mean, until HoF, was there any mention of the gods (and if so, anything that hinted they might actually be real)?

    The ending of Empire of Storms killed me, by the way. I spent several days thinking about this series. 

    CHARACTERS: Apparently, there are a lot of people who don’t agree with me, but I think SJM’s characters and their developments are fantastic and authentic. 

    I especially loved the emotional/physical/magical journey that Celaena went through to accept herself as Aelin. Such great character development for both her and Rowan WHO I LOVE DEARLY. Regarding Dorian, I don’t really like how his character evolved but it’s understandable that after all he went through he would be very different than he was before. 

    And I do have to agree that there isn’t much diversity in these books other than the occasional bisexual (Lochan) and dark-skinned person (Rowan). (There might be more, I just don’t remember, to be honest). 


    WRITING: Sarah J. Maas’ writing is by no means bad, but I found that when I was reading this series, I barely noticed it – possibly because I read it for many hours in a row and in the space of a week. I do quite like it though. (However, I did notice that she uses the words “death incarnate” twice, once in reference to Rowan….Fans of ACOTAR will notice it more, probably.) 

    Basically, these books were fun and exciting, and I was glued to the pages the entire time. I loved ALL of them and they just keep getting better and better. I don’t know how I’m going to last until May when the next book comes out. (And also the next ACOTAR book omg.) I STRONGLY recommend this series. 


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