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Kane Richards Must Die (2011)

by Shanice Williams(Favorite Author)
2.98 of 5 Votes: 3
0982500521 (ISBN13: 9780982500521)
Lands Atlantic Publishing
review 1: What is with the word "whilst" in this book. I swear it's used like ten million times and them some. I have developed a new irritation for the word. OTHER THAN THAT! this is a good book. its not great or anything but it's not bad either. HOWEVER! this definetly isn't a relationship that I fancy. In fact if I were to encounter a guy like Kane Richards I would have a few choice words for him. I know that looks are like stupid juice for girls and guys alike but that's definetly not an excuse to treat people badly. You might think that the asshole thing is like your kryptonite but if he is nice it is WAY better. Kane Richards is a very big asshole. The fact that he loved her didn't change that. He didn't all of a sudden become nicer. He was still an asshole. I thought relation... moreships were supposed to heal. Anyway he was horrible. Suranne was mildly delightful. She didn't have the British wit I enjoy so much but she wasn't bad either. I expected her to put up more of a fight. Anyway nothing I can do about it now. All in all, it was a slightly satisfying read.
review 2: Well, I'm definitely not a teenager and I've read MANY books, so I can compare, and I find this book endearing, pleasant to read and touching! I liked the protagonists, their dialogues, misunderstandings, humour, everything! This is a perfect book for relaxing - one cannot constantly read the books, which have complicated plot and some major issues, so from time to time I, personally, like to read books, that make you smile, have fun and relax! This book provided me a great time, good mood and rest! I enjoyed it immensely!!! less
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i loed the book all they way thru till the end. very disappointed. but def left open for another one
Sounds like the plot line from the movie, John Tucker must die.
It was a good story, but it could have been way better!
3.5 stars
So cute!
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