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Immune (A Rylee Adamson Novel) #2 (2013)

by Shannon Mayer(Favorite Author)
4.06 of 5 Votes: 2
HiJinks Ink Publishing
Rylee Adamson
review 1: Rylee is a little too oblivious for my liking in this book. At least there's some progress with Liam though.More of most of the characters introduced in book #1 but a new case (duh).I don't remember how Rylee is able to pay for a house and cars and weapons, etc considering it seems like she hardly ever takes any money.Anyhow, a fair amount of action. POV is mostly from Rylee but there are some parts narrated by Liam.
review 2: 'Immune' was more intense than the first book, 'Priceless'. This series keeps getting better, and this is just the second book. The storyline was incredibly well thought out. I loved how it followed through with Riley's story. The characters were great as they played through book one to book two. Riley is still the kick-ass heroine that n
... moreow has to face emotions that are new to her. Well written and a series I will definitely read more of. A great add to your tbr list. Recommended read. Shannon Mayer is a talented author that I will most definitely continue to follow. less
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this book is much better....Alex is still my fave character but EVE and Dox are both awesome...
Book 2 of the series continues with strong plot development and deft writing.
Love this series! Just gets better and better!
I like it! On to the next.
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