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The Invention Of The Jewish People (2009)

by Shlomo Sand(Favorite Author)
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1844674223 (ISBN13: 9781844674220)
review 1: Shlomo Sand's book is fascinating, and it really was like a tectonic plate realignment to read. I was already critical of Israeli policies toward the Palestinians, but Sand questions the actual "history" that comprises the foundation myths of the Jewish State. No wonder he has received death threats! One interesting fact that you learn early on in the book -- in Israeli universities there are History departments and then there are Jewish History departments! Sand is a member of the Tel Aviv University History department who dared to tread into the ground of the other "field."
review 2: Everyone who is concerned about the conflicted land of Palestine should read this book. It is not always an easy read, but this makes the nuggets of historical investigation
... moreeven more surprising and revelatory when they appear. We need more books like this which show the way towards a sensible debate on the Middle East and how a people - the Palestinians - are being persecuted on the basis of a false claim that others have a stronger entitlement to the land that is theirs. less
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This is a fascinating book! A lot to think about in regards to our global politics today.
nonsense, deserves zero stars
ad majorem Dei gloriam
An interesting book..
p. 152
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