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How To Dump Your Boyfriend In The Men's Room (and Other Short Stories) (2000)

by Sibel Hodge(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Sibel calls this book a series of short stories. They aren't! How to Dump Your Boyfriend in the Men's Room is really a series of written out stand up comic routines. I was really happy that no one was home when I read this because there were moments that I was laughing out loud at "stories" which any woman, married, single or whatever you want to call your status, could relate to! There are about 4 short stories with the rest of the book being dedicated to describing Sibel's other works. Normally, once I am finished with a book, it is either donated, returned or deleted. This is def. one I am keeping because I know simply pulling it up and reading some of the stories will bring me out of any funk!!
review 2: If you are looking for a great summer read, then pick
... more up this book of hilarious short stories. I'm a big fan of Sibel Hodge, and if you have read any of her novels, you will definitely like this collection of short stories. Hodge knows how to write a good short story - one that reads like a full novel with feel-good characters and great plot lines - which is hard to emulate although other authors lately have tried. I enjoyed every story from beginning to end and look forward to reading her next book. less
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Good fun, with some laugh out loud moments, only complaint is it wasn't long enough.
So funny and cute! I had fun reading this book page by page.
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