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At His Request 1 (2000)

by Silvia Rhodes(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 4
At His Request
review 1: I really liked Lara Ro, especially her no-nonsense attitude towards her sexuality. And I'm so hot for Padraig Mannix and his no-nonsense attitude when it comes to getting what he wants. I would so love to be controlled by a Dom like him, my body, my sexual pleasures, my sexual gratifications, my punishments. If Silvia Rhodes' intention was to make me crave for more of the fiercely sexually charged dynamic between these two characters, then she achieved her goal!
review 2: Don't let the cover fool you... Padraig Mannix, the Irish, billionaire gentleman with irresistibly fiery dominant tendencies is middle-aged and white-haired in the sexiest way imaginable! Oh, and his rock-hard body... I wished I was the exotic Lara Ro when he had her pinned against the door of
... more the men's bathroom, with his fingers between her legs, torturing her with pleasure. I definitely want to read more about their future encounters which promise to only get even hotter and more impassioned! less
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This is really , really light if any bsdm in it. A short story with what I would think more to tell.
No substance. I couldn't get passed the unbridled urges. The leading lady was unbelievably shallow.
It's fine for what it is. I don't feel the urge to read more.
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