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Unexpected Rescue (2013)

by Silvia Violet(Favorite Author)
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review 1: October 3rd to October 4, 2014This was the first book in the Unexpected books. This mysterious story about who is after Jackson and Addison is heartbreaking. With Jackson suffering from PTSD and thinking that he is going crazy, it's up to Addy to get him back to reality. This is a terrifically written heartwarming short story about two men who meet each other at just the right time. They both end up rescuing each other. It shows that with everything else going on around them they just have to go for it. I really liked the characters. I recommend this book!!
review 2: I enjoyed Jackson and Addy's story. Addy is totally adorable and Jackson, well, perfect for him - he's got that gruff, stony-faced impression but is really just lonely. The first half really pushed
... more a lot of my buttons. Jackson sort of ran away on an island to escape the doctors and threats of an ex-colleague who is set to take him out - because he is the only survivor who witnessed him betraying them all? Then he rescues Addy and despite everyone thinking Jackson is a lunatic, Addy trusts him, then rescues him from people who come after then and soon they live happily ever after =D The ending was a bit overly rushed, half the book was pretty rushed to me, but it is a really nice read :) less
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great short read....but it would have made a great full length story x
4.5 stars review soon!
3.5 stars
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