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Soulstice (2009)

by Simon Holt(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 4
0316035718 (ISBN13: 9780316035712)
Little Brown and Company
The Devouring
review 1: That ending, oh my god, oh my god, that ending, oh my god. I was really hoping that this book would live up to my expectations, and it did not disappoint. While I feel like many YA novels the book had a hint of predictability to it, there were definitely some plot points ( eh hem Machen anyone?) that I was not expecting there was definitely much more action and multiple fearscapes in Soulstice, which were by far my favourite parts of The Devouring. And in ways I did not think were possible, the disturbing, deranged factor got notched way up in this book. There were definitely parts that made me want to gag. Again, no romance, even though I wanted one (who isn't a sucker for a bad boy?) but I feel like once again the book doesn't need, nor would benefit from one, so I'll bi... morete my tongue. Overall loved the book and as soon as I'm done typing this I am launching right into Fearscape.
review 2: once again i say BRAVO, BRAVO to simon holt, this has been a wonderful read just like book #1, i cannot wait for book 3, which i already ordered!! this story is fantastic, it is spooky, gruesome, sad, i found myself even chuckling in some parts, it has been awhile since i have enjoyed a series of books like i have enjoyed your books!! keep them coming because you definitely have talent!! once again BRAVO!! less
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Too much talking, not enough action like the first book.
I was freaking scared! and by just reading it.?!
A great read!!!
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