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Simon's Cat Contra El Mundo (2012)

by Simon Tofield(Favorite Author)
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Simon's Cat
review 1: I love Simon's Cat. I work at a library and we have ancient Garfield the Cat books that are still being checked out and I thought Simon's Cat might make a good replacement. Of course, I checked it out myself as soon as I saw it on our shelves.This is a lovely book, beautiful drawings with so much detail, and it is so clear that Simon Tofield owns and knows cats. Each drawing stands alone, but all on the subject of the title: cat v. world. A sheet of stickers is bound with the other pages. This book should appeal to almost any cat lover.
review 2: Those who know me well know that I am a big fan of Simon's cat, the wonderful, always hungry, totally self-absorbed feline who is a composite of every cat I've ever loved. It's obvious that Simon Tofield has also known
... more a lot of cats like the ones who have populated and enriched my life and his drawings and particularly his YouTube videos featuring the animated drawings of his cat are a source of delight to me.Imagine my pleasure, then, upon receiving this little book of cartoons as a surprise gift on my birthday a couple of days ago. What fun! Every page brings a smile.In addition to the hundred pages or so of his iconic cat drawings, Tofield includes at the end some lessons on how to draw different kinds of cats and one on drawing squirrels, which also frequently feature in his cartoons. He makes it look so easy that even I might be able to do it.This book gets an honored spot on the table by my favorite chair so that I can refer to it whenever I am in need of a smile or a chuckle. Simon's cat never fails me. less
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I'm just not a huge fan of these books. Barely raised a snicker out of me.
Both very funny and full of detail.Full review to come.
laugh-out-loud funny!
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