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Simon's Cat Contro Tutti (2012)

by Simon Tofield(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 2
8850226012 (ISBN13: 9788850226016)
Simon's Cat
review 1: I just received Simon's Cat vs. the World through LibraryThing's Early Reviewers program. I was quite excited about receiving this book since I love the YouTube videos of Simon's Cat. Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed since Simon's Cat vs. the World just didn't capture the adorable storytelling in the videos. This book doesn't actually have much of a story to it at all, it's just a series of scenes of Simon's Cat vs. (...Autumn...Kitten...Starlings, etc). Some of the scenes are cute and manage to fit a small story into them, but many of them don't actually make sense in the cat vs. world sense since Simon's Cat isn't actually facing off against the thing listed. Some of the scenes also stretch the bounds of imagination (bird's carrying pitchforks) which is all well a... morend good in a cute storybook, but when that is the whole scene, it's just not that funny or cute. The art is pretty and in full color, which is something we don't get in the videos, but it has a rather grungy style, that makes me think the vet's office and Simon's house are just all constantly dirty. There is a tutorial at the end that teaches you how to draw Siamese cats, Persian cats, Tabby cats and squirrels. I have to assume that Simon's cat and kitten are included in a different book? The biggest thing to know about this one is that you won't get a story, you'll get a few funny scenes, a few strange scenes and a few pretty scenes. As a cat owner, I feel like I should have been more entertained. But if you're looking for a quirky coffee table book, you might like this.
review 2: I first fell for this little white cat in the "Man Do" video on YouTube. Every little quirk comes through in the stills. The cat has such a huge personality and even without the sounds and movement, it comes across perfectly. As soon this book arrived, I had to go through and look at each page. Then, I had to go through again and really absorb each page. Every time you go back, there will be a tiny detail somewhere that escaped your eye before. I love Simon's Cat and look forward to more of his exploits. less
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Cute and amusing, but not as funny as his short films.
Love to look at the mischievous things Simon does.
really love the humorous details in his drawings.
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