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The Men Who United The States CD: The Men Who United The States CD (2013)

by Simon Winchester(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 2
0062282816 (ISBN13: 9780062282811)
review 1: Listening to Simon Winchester read his own book is always a treat, so much so that one can easily overlook the fact that the "men" in the title are just that, only men, and only white men at that. That doesn't mean that the stories aren't fascinating, but I wished that he'd looked a little hard for some other stories to tell; he so often writes about little known places and people that they shouldn't have been hard for him to uncover. In addition, his imposition of the five Japanese elements as an organizing principle seems a little strained. Hence my first ever rating of less than five stars for a Winchester book.
review 2: A fantastic book that chronicles the explorers and inventors and entrepreneurs who surveyed, measured and created the infrastructure th
... moreat bound our nation together.Thomas Jefferson's Land Ordinance of 1785;The Point of Beginning in Ohio created by the country's first Geographer,Thomas Hutchins in 1785 (all land measurements in the country start at this point);Lewis and Clark;William Maclure who established the science of geology, and the geologic structure of the U.S.John Wesley Powell and the discovery of the Grand CanyonFerdinand Hayden and Yellowstone;The canal builders of the 18th century;Governor Clinton and the The Erie Canal;Robert Fulton and the steamboat;Macadam and paving roads;The mid 19th century railroads;Henry Ford and the car.Dwight Eisenhower and the national highway system;The internet...... less
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I love everything Winchester writes; this one is a great read for history lovers.
not a pageturner. very slow in parts. enjoyed the Tesla bits.
an interesting perspective of american history
Great book and I learned so much!
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