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My Extraordinary Ordinary Life (2012)

by Sissy Spacek(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 3
1401324363 (ISBN13: 9781401324360)
review 1: Spacek's title says it all -- somehow this Texas-born Oscar-winning actress has stayed down-to-earth and grounded. Readers learn all about her tomboy, baton-twirling, small town childhood, the loss of her beloved brother Robbie, and her initial intentions to make it as a singer-songwriter. Still married to the art director she met early in her motion picture career, blessed with two daughters and loving relationships with parents and friends, Spacek has a way of telling about her life that is very natural, filled with anecdotes about both the famous and "ordinary" folks with who she has shared a wonderfully colorful and rewarding life.
review 2: This vacillated between 3 and 4 stars. There was one really special chapter in it about her brother Robbie that peak
... moreed right up to 5+ stars, very powerful. But most of the book was a relaxing, lazy stroll through her life with some very funny pieces here and there. I have a great respect for her personal character, very nice. But it did not seem that there was enough here for a memoir. Great values, though, and she never seemed to let the LA Hollywood thing ruin the good ole country girl she had inside. less
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Very interesting visit into her life. She was very candid considering she is so private.
Beautiful, loving, touching and sweet. Great life philosophy. Loved it!
Enjoyed ~ One of the better autobiographies.
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