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Il Manichino (2012)

by S.L. Grey(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 5
8854141542 (ISBN13: 9788854141544)
Newton Compton
review 1: Thoroughly enjoyable - I was prepared for a cheap teeny-gore romp and got a lovely, well-written, vivid little nightmare that draws on the dreadful creeping universality of global culture and refuses to admit of any optimism. The story romps along but remains just that little bit chewier than one expects throughout, never quite descending to the level of the cheap and easy anti-consumerist shot. The audience is not exempt. I really, really, really liked it. And Rhoda is a wonderful heroine. I am very bemused at the way people carry on about "unlikeable" lead characters... a character who behaves realistically is a good thing, no? Go Rhoda. More please, authors.
review 2: Ooooo! This was a bit scary. I like a bit of horror now and again and the thought of
... more being locked up in a creepy giant shopping mall while the monsters chase you is pretty scary. The thought that you might want to go back in to escape your real life is the real horror though. Quite a moral tale, especially as its set in South Africa and there is a plot strand which deals with segregation and apartheid. I liked the two protagonists and the plot was deftly woven. I would recommend it to those who like the genre. less
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loved this book!!! used to work in a mall and the back corridors are very creepy places anyway...
Brilliant and original horror from this South African author duo. Can't wait for the next one
Amazing!! Hope there's more to come because I sure as hell will be reading it!!
Very good original story.
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