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Stealing The Groom (2014)

by Sonya Weiss(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 5
Entangled Publishing - Bliss
Stealing the Heart
review 1: This was a really nice, sweet, uncomplicated read. The characters are likeable and the romance is engaging. The behaviour of both protagonists is a little hard to relate to as each of them has a lot of angst about falling in love which is deeply buried and dark and not really covered in great detail as it would detract from the relatively easy going tone of the book. If you want a light read this will do nicely.
review 2: I quite understand the mixed reviews. this book was good but not great. could have been better with less even this book was quite easy and short to read. but easy? not really, it felt dragging in quite a few chapters. But I quite like characters, it was heavy in emotions. this book was about a groomnapping a friend, one that you loved a
... morend cherished but didn't know the real meaning until all bet were gone and some things went wrong. with an expected ending. less
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Cute Adult RomanceContent: mild language throughout and innuendo
What a great read....hope to see books about Amelia's sisters.
Amazing book. Loved every single page.:)
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