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The Baby Tree (2014)

by Sophie Blackall(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 2
0399257187 (ISBN13: 9780399257186)
Nancy Paulsen Books
review 1: As ever, Blackall's art is delicious. And the story is funny and the afterword really does make it work well as an intro to sex-ed for parents to share with kids (simpler than Robie Harris's books, which are THE BEST BEST sex ed books). IT IS SO GOOD! The ONLY thing keeping this from five stars for me is TWO ITTY-BITTY SENTENCES in the afterword. While I commend the author and publisher for mentioning adoption and same-sex parents, I'm SO IRKED that it calls adoption something done by "another mom and dad" (HELLO, SINGLE-PARENT ADOPTION??) and gay parents as invariably a couple. I know this is may sound like a quibble and OK FINE MAYBE IT IS but it would have been SO EASY to be more inclusive of single parents. WAH.
review 2: Sophie Blackall's outrageously appe
... morealing illustration style and wonderful, inclusive representation of diverse races aside, this sibling arrivalry book is especially successful in its portrayal of the soon to be older brother. There are ample examples of jealousy and anger concerning this same situation in picture book world, much of it amusing. I like that this is not focused on that, but rather, where the baby will come from. We are presented with the facts, but without the didactic, non-fiction approach. Refreshing. less
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Sly and smart and cute as heck. Great for a preschooler waiting on a younger sibling to show up.
Sweet, funny and a wonderful way to talk to your child about where babies come from. Loved it!
OK, kind of meh. The pictures, are cute though and would apeal to a younger child, I think.
Best way to explain where babies come from
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