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by Steph Campbell(Favorite Author)
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Silver Strand
review 1: 2.75 Stars. ~meh~It was sweet, but I read it two days ago and am trying to remember the plot so that I can leave a review. That should pretty much sum it up.I didn't stick with me. It wasn't the hidden gem I pray for every time I hit "purchase with 1 click".God bless... The name Deo.... seriously!!??!? All I could think every time I read his name was "I need DEO for my BO". Don't want to think of Body Odor & Book Boyfriends in the same thought. Bleck.Basically if your bored and want a very light hearted love story then I'd say knock yourself out. Otherwise I'd say pass.
review 2: Carefree surfer-boy Deo finds himself smitten with the closed off tough girl, Whit. This is the story of the lengths he will go to, to break down her walls and win her over. Thi
... mores story was good. Deo is freaking adorably sweet! I love the banter between characters, especially when it breaks up the seriousness of the scene.I am anxious to read more of this series. I really love that all of the books in the series are companion novels, so they can be read alone and compliment one another. I would definitely recommend! less
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Thanks Miss Construed's Reviews for recommendation!:)
Really good book. I love Deo. Where can I get one?
I loved Deo and Whit. Their story was great.
Not for me.....
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