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Follow Her Home (2013)

by Steph Cha(Favorite Author)
3.47 of 5 Votes: 4
1250009626 (ISBN13: 9781250009623)
Minotaur Books
Juniper Song
review 1: I recently saw Steph Cha read at Skylight Books, promoting her new novel, Beware Beware. This inspired me to read her first book, Follow Her Home. Overall, I really enjoyed this novel. As an L.A.-o-phile & fan of the mystery genre, I love reading noir stories set in Los Angeles. The book is wonderfully written, and a good balance of contemporary women's lit and noir. I liked the book's narrator, and the slick, gritty writing. My favorite parts were the flashbacks scenes involving the narrator's sister and the dialogue scenes with Lori. I liked that the book focuses on elements of Korean-American culture in Los Angeles. I think the book's pacing could have been slowed down for a more dramatic effect. Although I appreciated the novel's brevity (it's under 300 pages)... more, I thought many scenes, particularly the ending, could've made more of an effort to immerse the reader in the novel's world. I also wanted to know more about the personal habits and interests of the detective-narrator. Still, a fast-paced and engaging read. The writing is sharp, accomplished, and luminous despite being spare and spartan. Thumbs up.
review 2: A pretty good first novel with an interesting protagonist. Song is a Korean American Angelino with a Philip Marlowe fixation. She gets involved in trying to see if her best friend's father, a successful attorney, is having an affair with a much younger Asian woman - becomes a kind of Nancy Drew noir.It's a bit overwritten - too many similes, awkward descriptions, some plot bumps but the character of Song works and the whole subplot about western men who fetishize Asian women was pretty interesting. less
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Okay for a quick read to fill in time but not my kind of story. Left some unanswered questions.
An intricate plot, but too loosely pinned together for my liking.
Such a twisted plot and complex characters. I love this series.
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