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Black Irish (2013)

by Stephan Talty(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 1
0345538064 (ISBN13: 9780345538062)
Ballantine Books
Abbie Kearney
review 1: I listened rather than read this. David H. Lawrence XVII (the seventeenth - wowzer!!) was an excellent voice. The story was gripping and by the end I 'couldn't put it down'. Looking back I think I would have liked a bit more character development. It being a modern cop novel I may have overlaid the book characters with characters from shows I've watched, because it didn't seem to be missing anything while I was listening. Story & settings felt genuine. Only one 'oops' when an individual is warming up via their car's heater... and then starts the car to leave. Far as I know there aren't any car heaters that get decently warm without the car running. Pretty minor in the grand scheme.
review 2: The story is set in and around South Buffalo, an area in which
... more I spent my teenage years. The geographic references were quite familar to me. Bishop Timon was my high school and we all ran around with the girls for Mt Mercy. When I lived there it was predominately Irish Catholic, as discribed in the novel; however, I did not find the neighborhood nearly as bleak as described by the author. Granted, my memories are dated by over fifty years, but overall I enjoyed my time there and received a great education at Timon. The plot was a bit convuluted, but entertaining nonetheless. Not sure if I will read others in the series. less
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I like thriller/mysteries to be more complex. I think it would actually make a better movie.
Really enjoyed this one. Will definitely look for more by this author.
I didn't care for this - found the plot very implausible.
Junk. Don't waste your time.
3 1/2
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