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Charm And Consequence (2013)

by Stephanie Wardrop(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 5
Swoon Romance
Snark and Circumstance
review 1: They should have been one book but they were was still pretty good. I'm a fan of Jane Austen and Jane Austen retellings so keep that in mind. However, aside from feeding my Jane Austen craving, I thought the characters were well developed, the story had enough happening that my interest was peaked throughout all 4 volumes, and the overall writing style was smooth and easy to read. Georgia, the Elizabeth-like character, was occasionally a bit over-zealous with her veganisms but that was kind of the point. She was like a sledgehammer trying to do a feather's job. Michael, the Darcy-like character was much more redeemable then I initially expected him to be and even attractive in a "I'm not perfect but I'm loveable anyway" kind of way. Both characters were like that act... moreually. The story doesn't exactly retell P&P but uses it as a general template and borrows names. I thought it was well done. It should have been 1 book instead of 4 in my opinion but I guess it's a nice nod to the volume style of publishing of Jane Austen' s time. I definitely recommend all 4 volumes to readers with a love for Jane Austen retellings and I will likely read them again in the future.
review 2: I've been so excited for the sequel to Snark & Circumstance, it lived up to all my expectations. Charm and Consequence was fabulous! I'm a sucker for retellings, and Stephanie Wardrop stayed true enough to the Austen classic to satisfy die-hard fans, while putting her own spin on the characters in a way that makes them absolutely charming. Georgia's voice has all the snark of Princess Diaries' Mia Thermopolis, tempered with the angst and sensitivity we all felt as teenagers. And Michael is the perfect mysterious foil to Georgia's feigned disinterest. Charm and Consequence is a brilliant take on Austen's classic, told with the engaging voice and fresh perspective of an amazing new author. I can't wait for the next installment! less
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OK I'm getting more into this now. Amusing and unique take on P & P. I'm hooked.
Loved it! Can't wait for the next one.
So funny these characters crack me up
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