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Snark And Circumstance (2013)

by Stephanie Wardrop(Favorite Author)
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Swoon Romance
Snark and Circumstance
review 1: It should have been one book but it was still pretty good. I'm a fan of Jane Austen and Jane Austen retellings so keep that in mind. However, aside from feeding my Jane Austen craving, I thought the characters were well developed, the story had enough happening that my interest was peaked throughout all 4 volumes, and the overall writing style was smooth and easy to read. Georgia, the Elizabeth-like character, was occasionally a bit over-zealous with her veganisms but that was kind of the point. She was like a sledgehammer trying to do a feather's job. Michael, the Darcy-like character was much more redeemable then I initially expected him to be and even attractive in a "I'm not perfect but I'm loveable anyway" kind of way. Both characters were like that actually. T... morehe story doesn't exactly retell P&P but uses it as a general template and borrows names. I thought it was well done. It should have been 1 book instead of 4 in my opinion but I guess it's a nice nod to the volume style of publishing of Jane Austen' s time. I definitely recommend all 4 volumes to readers with a love for Jane Austen retellings and I will likely read them again in the future.
review 2: I'm hoping that this is the first part of an ongoing story; a short 48 page novella, this story really only gives us a taste of these characters. Georgia is a little pushy in her vegan believes and I had a hard time really liking her. She doesn't have a teenage voice to me. While I can really see the vegan teenager, I just felt like her struggle to make friends sounded more like an adult trying to relate to teens. We are told that she has struggled with making friends in the past to the point that her mother makes her promise to try harder at it. While the very popular kids turn their nose up at her, she seems to fit just fine with a smaller group of misfits. I guess I just didn't buy that character trait. I believe what I see more than what I'm told and too much of this story was told.Michael is stuffy and irritable. I kinda get the idea that he likes Georgia but is horrified at the idea. I actually like that about him. There's a lot of speculation about why he is now attending a public school. That issue is never resolved but if everyone believes what is being rumored, it's odd that he seems to be hanging in popular circles. I just didn't get that.The story has a nice pace for the first half to three quarters but then it does a lot of summarizing that I didn't enjoy. I don't really think I'm a novella installment kinda girl. I like full stories. Novellas are great for that extra little bit of a regular novel or series but I don't like the installment version. I assume this story continues on in the next title because very little was resolved in this one.It does have that Pride and Prejudice feel and I love stories based off that book. I also enjoyed the four very different sisters. I could see this book taking different novellas for each sister. I would be happier if each one completed a story.If you like the novella installment kinda of story then this one you should consider. less
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I've enjoyed the novellas in this series, but they really need to be combined into one book.
Semi-cute of a read, but not sure if I'm riveted enough to continue...
Loved it. Awesome characters. Fast read, I want more!!
As only Georgiana could say it, she's the smartass.
Very short, but cute.
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