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The Roommates: True Tales Of Friendship, Rivalry, Romance, And Disturbingly Close Quarters (2014)

by Stephanie Wu(Favorite Author)
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1250051452 (ISBN13: 9781250051455)
Picador True Tales
review 1: Such a colossal disappointment. A compilation of short essays describing people's roommate's experiences. A lot of these people are just embarrassing (the storytellers not the roommates) and none of the essays were particularly well-written. Felt lazy, as if someone interviewed a bunch of people and just transcribed what they said verbatim, cleaning up the grammar, and it was published. Would have preferred it had the person compiling it (Stephanie Wu?) actually took the time to really make strong narratives out of some of these and flesh them out just a little to create little stories. Didn't need a lot of the two-and-a-half page essays that basically said, "Wow, my roommate was crazy and I was miserable!" If you like memoirs and essays for the prose and narrative, don't ... morewaste your money on this like I did.
review 2: I am disappointed. I expected something maybe more tied together, certainly better written and more interesting. First, the idea of sharing a room with someone is kind of specifically American. But at a moment or another, everybody has shared a house with other people. So what? you know there will be some fun and some problems. Sure, some of the stories are just horrific. But it means you should not take anyone. Obvious, no? plus a lot of those stories sound unfinished, maybe because they have been written by people too young.I only appreciated a couple of stories, the one with the Mormons in Moscow because it was weird, for instance.Maybe if the "author" had tried to connect the stories, maybe if they had been better written... but what I read was like a suite of freshmen papers. And that does not make a book. less
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Hoping I can read and review!!
Highly entertaining book.
Thoroughly entertaining.
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