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The Nerdy Girl Express writers and twins Stacy and Tracy Miller are back for Season 13 for The Miller Twins Talk Supernatural. They will share their thoughts on heroic Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean (Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) as well as other characters on The CW’s longest running show.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the episode “Patience” please do not continue reading.


Do we get to choose who we want to be? Kelly Kline (Courtney Ford) certainly believed so and felt that despite the fact that her son was sired by Lucifer, Jack (Alexander Calvert) can choose to be good.

Although his mother is dead, Jack is fortunate to have Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) on his side. However, Dean (Jensen Ackles) remains unwilling to see the good within Jack and instead is steadfast in the belief that Jack is destined to turn evil. In addition, Dean holds Jack responsible for the loss of Mary and Castiel. I hope that the brothers sooner rather than later are able to mend this wall of disagreement between them. Dissension has never worked well for the Winchesters as these two function best when they are on the same page. Of immediate concern though is when Sam receives a call from Missouri Moseley (Lorena Devine) , the psychic who was so instrumental in helping the brothers  in the Season One episode “Home.” Missouri tells Sam that a psychic friend of hers was killed. Sam’s first instinct is to refer the case to Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes); he feels that it is best if he and Dean stay behind in the Men of Letters bunker and help Jack understand his powers. But Dean vetoes the idea, opting to go with Jody instead to assist Missouri. It is clear that the writers wanted Sam to serve as a mentor of sorts to Jack. Given Sam’s history of trying to suppress the evil consequences of his own addiction to demon blood, Sam understands the uphill battle Jack faces. Still, I was very disappointed that Sam didn’t get a reunion with Missouri. When Dean and Jody arrive at Missouri’s, the psychic quickly tells them that a wraith has been targeting psychics.  We also learn that Missouri has a strained relationship with her son James Turner (Adrian Holmes) and her granddaughter Patience (Clark Backo). But viewers weren’t able to enjoy Missouri’s return to the show for very long: She is killed by the wraith within the first 15 minutes of the episode. I was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED by this. Just as in the case of another Supernatural Season One alumna, Sarah Blake (Taylor Cole), I found it disheartening to witness characters that we haven’t seen in over a decade make brief appearances on the show only to be killed off. And while Sam staying at the bunker with Jack allowed Jared Padalecki to tap into Sam’s emotional angst over his own struggles with the demon blood and feeling different, I would have preferred to have seen Sam’s interaction with Missouri and perhaps Sam helping Patience navigate her psychic abilities. The psychic kids from Supernatural’s mythology (Max Miller, Andy Gallagher and Ava Wilson) all met with tragedy ends. Patience it seems will defy this trend. In Clark Backo’s very capable hands, we see a young woman confused by her psychic abilities wanting to live a normal life but unable to deny her destiny (shades of Sam Winchester). It all comes back to the initial inquiry: Do we get to choose who we get to be? After some hairy moments (and some psychic visions thrown in for good measure), Dean succeeds in killing the wraith. At the end of the episode, Jack telepathically connects with Castiel. I’m not sure where Castiel is but it looks the infamous empty of which The Reaper Billy spoke.


At the heart of Supernatural these past thirteen seasons has been family and how far these characters will go to protect one another.  Both Sam and Dean have gone to the depths of Hell. But with their family love has come family complications. The ties that bind oftentimes became the ties that choke, causing estrangement and separation (Sam leaving to go to Stanford as well as the many times throughout the series when he departed ways with his older brother). No one said family was easy.  And if it was, it probably wouldn’t be worth it and mean as much.

In the episode “Patience” we met another family, who’s legacy and secrets cost the life of one and almost cost the life of the other.  The episode also saw the return of psychic Missouri Moseley (Loretta Devine) from the Season One episode “Home.”  As long time viewers of Supernatural will remember, John contacted Missouri immediately following the fire for answers to what had really killed his wife.  Twenty-two years later, Sam and Dean also sought out Missouri to help save a woman Jenny and her children from a malevolent spirit. Following the event, Missouri went off to that big Supernatural universe where past characters live off-screen.  We never really knew anything about Missouri other than she was a psychic who had helped John, Sam and Dean.  Well in “Patience” Missouri’s family history was explored: She had a son named James Turner (Adrian Holmes) and a granddaughter named Patience. Ms. Moseley also spent some time hunting.  James cut Missouri out of his and Patience’s lives after blaming her for the death of his wife, who psychic Missouri had assured would beat the cancer that ravaged Mrs. Turner’s body.  However when a fellow psychic (Chelsea Reist) is murdered by a wraith with an appetite for clairvoyants, Missouri calls Sam for help.  As the younger Winchester was busy helping Jack (Alex Calvert) to learn to control his (Jack) powers, Sam contacts Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes).  Since he feels that teaching a Nephilim not to be evil is like teaching a bee not to sting, Dean takes off to join Jody on the case. His reunion with Missouri is short lived when she is killed by the wraith while Dean and Jody leave to protect James and Patience from the creature.  I have to say I wasn’t surprised by Missouri’s death as it’s becoming a pattern on Supernatural to bring characters back just to kill them off to further the plot.  As much as I’d love to see former favorites, I know the appearance will more than likely be their swan song.


Clark Backo did a good job portraying Patience. I believe the character of Patience has the potential to grow.  She’s intelligent and resilient.  Once she can grasp how to use her psychic ability, Patience will be useful to have around and possibly help to save many lives.  We already know that she’s slated to appear in the tentatively titled Supernatural spin-off Wayward Sisters should it receive a network pick-up next season as well as subsequent episodes of Supernatural this season, so I’m interested to see her journey unfold.

Meanwhile, Sam felt a responsibility to looking after Jack and helping him to understand his powers.  I think Sam understands what Jack is going through as he once feared his (Sam) powers would turn him evil. He’s been where Jack is so he knows how it feels. Poor Jack is at a crossroads; he doesn’t know why he’s there (not the Men of Letter’s bunker but on Earth) or understands fully what he is.  And overhearing Dean constantly say how evil he (Jack) is doesn’t help.  I hope that Jack doesn’t given into his “Lucifer genes” and go down a dark path.

Although I wish Sam and Dean had worked together on the case and shared more scenes, “Patience” was an okay introductory episode to a new character.

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