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A Book Of Horrors (2011)

by Stephen Jones(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 5
0857388088 (ISBN13: 9780857388087)
Jo Fletcher Books
review 1: While lacking in scares, the overall collection was appealing. It played more on the horror of human nature than on the paranormal (which, I admit, is what I was after). There were only two stories I didn't finish: "A Child's Problem" and "Near Zennor." The latter was too descriptive of surroundings and therefore didn't keep me in suspense. The ending to King's story left me wanting, although I enjoyed the overall tale. My favorites include: "Roots and All," "The Music of...," "The Man in the Ditch" and "Charcloth, Firesteel and Flint."
review 2: Any anthology of short stories and novellas will have one liking some stories better than others and this one is no exception. While none of the stories was truly terrifying, to me at any rate (meaning that they haunt
... moreyou for awhile and leave you unable to sleep at night - maybe I'm just too jaded), they all had their moments. Several would make good plots for horror movies. My two top favorites from this collection were Reggie Oliver's "A Child's Problem" and Elizabeth Hand's "Near Zennor". less
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As some other reviews have said; the potential is there, just not delivered. I agree.
What an absolute disappointment. I'm sorry that I actually spent $9.99 for it.
Truly there was only one story in this collection I didn't care for. Superb!
A mixed bag - some really interesting stories, but a few stinkers.
Standout stories by Elizabeth Hand and Reggie Oliver.
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