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Betty Goes Bananas (2014)

by Steve Antony(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 4
0553507613 (ISBN13: 9780553507614)
Schwartz & Wade
review 1: This would make a great read-aloud story. My four-year-old loved it (he also has problems opening bananas.The story centers around a baby gorilla named Betty who pitches a fit at not being able to peel her banana. Luckily (or not so) Mr. Toucan is patiently trying to teach Betty how to peel it, without much success. When the banana breaks after it's peeled...well anyone with kids knows where the story goes from there...especially when Mr. Toucan says he'll eat it if she won't. The illustrations are simple but adorable. The use of background color on the pages is an effective tool to give a hint about what is coming next in the story.Absolutely adorable. I want a baby Betty stuffed toy now.
review 2: This book jacket is beautiful and inviting, isn’t it
... more? Just look at that cheeky face! But be warned: this book illustrates, with bold, expressive simplicity, the roly poly forward tumble nature of the dreaded TANTRUM. That is to say, when a tantrum has begun, it must often be ‘rolled with’, and once in motion, they are difficult to stop. It is a roly poly book in many ways, and this is exemplified by Steve Antony’s trick of concluding some sentences...…on a page turn. The story keeps tucking and rolling along: Curiosity on pages of white, frustration on bold red, calm and mellow in pages of yellow. Curiosity, frustration, calm, curiosity frustration, calm… all this drama caused by a banana!Betty is fantastically expressive. And helpful Mr Toucan is a beacon of tolerance and patience. ‘Betty Goes Bananas’ is relatable and fun. This is a hugely enjoyable book by one of the most exciting and distinctive illustrators working today. less
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Very cute. And anyone who has kids has seen and dealt with this.
Good book, will probably use for Toddler time, and school visits.
Quite honestly I loved this. Made me chuckle a lot.
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