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Let It Burn (2013)

by Steve Hamilton(Favorite Author)
4.02 of 5 Votes: 3
0312640226 (ISBN13: 9780312640224)
Minotaur Books
Alex McKnight
review 1: Steve Hamilton keeps getting better and better with his Alex McKnight series, this one set in Detroit mostly and involving the last case the former police officer worked on prior to the injury that caused him to leave the force. Present-day McKnight traverses the haunted world of decaying Detroit, a perfect setting for reliving a case that is haunting him still. Excellent interplay between the young McKnight and the older one searching for the truth. Hamilton's ability to build suspense can't be beat and I finished this one quickly. I loved the descriptions of the abandoned building and street settings of the former Motor City and McKnight's gutsy, but all-too-human endeavors. As he searches for justice one can't help but realize the pervasive crime, lost lives and promise... more within a once-great city are a far bigger tragedy.
review 2: Probably more like 3 1/2, but man, do I love this series, and it is the end for now. It kept me guessing, and that is hard to do. Further, we learned such great (yet painful) backstory for Alex's character. Not enough Vinnie and Jackie, but a wonderful homage of sorts to Detroit. These books make me proud of living in the Midwest near the Great Lakes. I'm doing a lousy job of describing this, but once again, I love these books. Lately I've been thinking I want to live in Paradise, Michigan. less
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Another solid entry in this great regional mystery series. Hamilton continues to deliver.
Another great adventure with McKnight. Finished it in 4 1/2 hrs.
Hamilton is a master, excellent novel. I highly recommend.
Very good read. Steve Hamilton never disappoints!
Enjoyed this series, I am going to miss this guy.
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