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Buying Cigarettes For The Dog (2009)

by Stuart Ross(Favorite Author)
3.86 of 5 Votes: 2
1551118793 (ISBN13: 9781551118796)
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review 1: Loved the conversational tone in each of these stories; the writing's silliness and humour (as well as the ever-lurking sadness), and the abundance of mystery. Ross is amazing with descriptions and comes up with some great similes and metaphors. Here's one of my favourites: One of his testicles hung out the left leg of his trunks like an almost-empty marble bag, and he kept tucking it back in, and it kept tumbling back out.
review 2: At 17, I know I am a little old for Buying Cigarettes For The Dog, but there was a vast majority of it I did enjoyed. I am very fond of dogs in literature, like The Handmaid's Tale and A Confederacy Of Dunces. While Buying Cigarettes For The Dog isn't the best book, and I am not sure what Alexandre Dumas would make of it, it is e
... morentertaining and has a sense of fun. True, some of the dialogue is a little ropey (although I loved "we're here to save the prince not date him") and there are one or two slow moments in the plot. However, while not as stunning as the Gravity's Rainbow, it is colourful and overall lovely to read. Plus the little kitten is very cute, and Phillippe is a convincing enough lead villain, with his velvety voice and swatty laugh, he is perfect. What a genius the author is for creating him. All in all, while bearing little resemblance to the Dumas classic, this is still a hugely enjoyable book, and I do hope it gets more recognition than it's got at the moment. Then again, it is early days, but let's keep our fingers crossed. Preschoolers will definitely love it. less
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Absolutely hilarious with a nice deeper message behind the book.
I liked it, just not sure I understood it.
Reviewing for Alberta Views
I prefer his poetry.
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