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Separation (2000)

by Stylo Fantome(Favorite Author)
4.31 of 5 Votes: 2
The Kane Trilogy
review 1: I am completely obsessed with this series. Maybe this makes me deranged. If I enjoy this climatic volatile world does that reflect poorly on me? Honestly I don't care. I can't stop. My heart is completely owned by a man named Jameson. Yes ladies and gentlemen this man stole my soul. Maybe because once he realized he cared deeply about Tatum he went completely out of his element to make her happy. He did this he didn't even think he could do. He pushed his own limits and obliterated them. And my poor heart couldn't keep up. Tatum however I want to strangle. This girl is killing me. I understand it's all because of her self preservation and fears, but damn woman your giving me a mental breakdown. Not to mention whiplash from trying to keep up with her bipolar like moods. And... more as ever, Sanders is just perfect. I really hope that there will be a spin off about him. He's such a complex and interesting character. And the way he loves, simplistic, pure, and without even acknowledging how difficult it really is for him. Sigh. Tatum needs to drop her hold on to Nick and forget about the fairy tale princess bullshit and get back to who she is. Tate is a beautiful, sexually liberated. strong, SLUT. But she is Jameson ' s slut. And really that's ok. She should own like she used to. I'm so damn frustrated I could scream. They need to listen to Sanders. Communication. Jameson may have royally fucked up in the past, but he's different and Tatum has lost her ability to see that. Just a reflection I've read book 1&2 in 6 hours. I don't intend to stop here. I can go without sleep. But I cannot sleep until I have resolution.
review 2: Another fantastic read!!! There is no way to read the first book and stop and the second book is even better, if that's even possible. You will fall in love with Tate, Jameson, Ang and Sandy. I laughed as much while reading this book as I did reading the first. There was suspense, laughs, steamy sex scenes, revenge, betrayal; this book has it all. I have no idea why I haven't heard of this series before up until a few days ago because it's absolutely amazing. less
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Falling more in love with these books. oh Satan you.
4 devilish stars.
4.5 stars!!!
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