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Degradation (2000)

by Stylo Fantome(Favorite Author)
3.55 of 5 Votes: 9
The Kane Trilogy
review 1: TOTALY A GAME CHANGER! I wasn't sure what to expect from this one. I kept seeing book blogs posting about it before it was released and I waited a while to see if it was worth the hype. This is way outside my genre comfort zone, but I got so sucked in to the characters and then I friended the author on Facebook and it seemed like she gave voice to some of the random things I find funny and okay maybe a little disturbing to some people. The characters are so flawed in so many ways in how they act with others and their self esteem, but some how it works for them and it may be love in some form. And who are we to question how 2 people have a relationship. I've actually reviewed the second book in the trilogy before this one because the second was lighter I think. This is a da... morerk read, but it is so amazing you kind of just go with the story and begin to yell, cuss and feel for all of the characters.
review 2: SNAP... so I've fallen hard for another series. I am a glutton for this stuff! I swallowed up Degradation and Separation in two days. I know this is classified as a dark romance, but I didn't find it as disturbing as some other "dark" romances I've read. Anyway, so Tatum (Tate) O'Shea is our heroine and she is cast out of her well to do family at 18 after one night where she is seduced by her sister's boyfriend, Jameson Kane. It turns out that the experience was the wake up call Tate needed. Jameson sparked Tate's inner diva and there was no going back. So seven years after the experience, Tate is happy in her own skin, but working multiple jobs to make ends meet. Naturally, she runs into the man that sparked her thirst for good sex, Jameson Kane. Tate resists his advances for a bit, but ends up in a sexually charged relationship again with Kane. Their "agreement" is one where she is not his girlfriend, but is to be available for Kane whenever he wants her. At first, Tate is fine with this, but after a while she begins to discover that deep down, she has some real feelings for Jameson. The ending of the book is heart breaking - Jameson shows just how evil he can be and lashes out at Tate in a horrible way. There is no way you can read this book and not immediately dive into book two, Separation. Jameson Kane really is Satan! less
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