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Cashing In (2009)

by Susan Colebank(Favorite Author)
3.49 of 5 Votes: 1
0525421513 (ISBN13: 9780525421511)
Dutton Juvenile
review 1: Cashing In was a book with a promising premise, but left me unsure exactly how I felt. Some parts had me totally hooked and I couldn't put it down, but others I was left bored. My favorite part of the book was hands down Gabe. I loved him as a character. He was so sweet and caring. I didn't see a lot in Gabe and Reggie's relationship - you saw a few little things happen - a look here, or a nudge there - to build their relationship, and then they were together. I just didn't see it really build to anything that seemed real.Reggie started out as a really great character, but toward the middle my opinion began to shift a bit. She refused to stand up for herself in the least. You would've thought after awhile she would say enough is enough! During the last pages, my opinion of... more Reggie shifted back to me liking her a lot more. Reggie had a great sense of humor, and did grow a lot as a character from page 1 until the end.Reggie's family on the other hand drove me insane! You had Bridget, Reggie's cousin, who drove me up a wall! I could not stand her. I wanted to scream and Reggie to just get rid of her! Then Aunt Barb who was just kind of annoying. And the mother who has not an ounce of common sense and just spends more and more money. I absolutely loved Reggie's 2 best friends, Sarah and Pete. Every page with them was a joy to read! They were totally fun! I would've liked to see much more of these two, as well as more Gabe. The plot was cute, and while a few parts left me wondering, the ending stuck it out and ended strong!Overall, I enjoyed Cashing In. It was a cute book with a pretty cover. I think some people will love Cashing In, while others might not enjoy it as much.
review 2: Cashing In was pretty much exactly what I expected it to be. It was a fun chick-lit story that didn't take long to read. What I didn't expect was that it had some real meaning to it which made it even better. I really enjoyed it and hated when I had to stop reading to do something else. Ever since Regina Shaw's dad died 3 years ago her life has been hectic. She goes to school sometimes but most of the time she spends her days working at Cashmart to earn money to leave Waterview. That all changes the day her mom wins 1.6 million dollars. At first everything about her new life looks perfect but looks can be deceiving.Reggie was a pretty good main character. I had no real problems with her except her lack of a backbone. She never stood up for herself and she just let herself be pushed around. Other than that she was your typical teenage girl worrying about friends, boys, school, and work. Well, I guess she wasn't really a typical teenage girl but you know what I mean.Then there were all the rest of the characters. There were quite a few and I really loved most of them. Pete, Sarah, and Gabe were the best and they were such great friends to Reggie. They were great protagonists against Bridget, the evil cousin. =]I guess the plot was a little predictable but there were some shocking subplots thrown in that added to the book which made it bearable for me. It at least kept me reading until the end. It's really hard to find a good chick-lit story that isn't predictable but this one was definitely at the top of that list. Overall, Cashing In is one of those books I recommend reading when you're looking for something fun with a happy ending. I really loved it and I think most teen girls will too! less
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this girl couldn't catch a break and it got tiring. got to page 150 or so then skipped to the end.
Lets just say i cried when I read page 296. I loved this book!!!
Really hard to get into and was not all at interesting.
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