Typing away at blog posts is left for after I’ve cooked (and eaten) or tested recipes.  To tell the entire story of the undertaking for that one post and using the points jotted in my journal, I have a clear-ish idea of the message I hope to convey.  That’s when I stick to the script and cook as planned per the points scribbled in my notes.  But with baking bread, I have time to sit at my kitchen table and have the fresh ideas appear on my laptop’s screen to begin this post as the dough does its thing.

Peeking through Peter Reinhart’s – Artisan Bread Every Day cookbook from time to time, I promise to make a world of recipes from its pages.  I’ve had it for some time now and it’s a good introduction book that give clear, lengthy details about different breads-sweet and savory, measurements and how to treat and handle dough without going too far into the science of yeast and gluten.  The first time I made Focaccia; it was an oily, tough disaster of a flat bread.  I read the recipe and had the ingredients to make a rosemary variation.  But I lacked the patience and my ratios were off LoL.  Today, oh best believe I’m hanging on to every word written on these pages to make the perfect Focaccia.  With my own alterations