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Love Finds You In Prince Edward Island, Canada (2011)

by Susan Page Davis(Favorite Author)
3.88 of 5 Votes: 4
1609361091 (ISBN13: 9781609361099)
Summerside Press
review 1: Molly wants to help her family by taking a maid position for a short while as the prince of Wales would be arriving to Prince Edward Island. Peter Stark arrives a day in advance to set up accommodations. He is a mere servant himself but appears to be an aristocrat to those around him. He has an upbringing that would make people probably look down on him. Molly's family has some sort of connection to Peter's "master" that he is curious about. This story basically ties together well enough and there aren't that many conflicting issues with it until later on, but most of it seemed to not show any dependency on God or mention of Him at all when this is supposed to be a Christian romance. Sure it was very clean, but I think they mentioned God about 3 times in passing only.... more The story itself was cute though, but very basic.
review 2: LFY in Prince Edward Island, Canada is a very entertaining story about "Prince Bertie’s" 1860 visit to the Americas, right before the start of the U.S. Civil War. Great grasp of period dialogue. Stylistically, teh story felt like British lit. Both the hero and heroine were very likeable, and Davis amazingly manages to progress a believable romance between them while the two hardly share pages for most of book. less
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I love to read about Prince Edward Island and really enjoyed this historical fiction.
As a romance it was boring. As a book it flowed well and was easy to read.
Could not put it down!!! Absolutely loved it!!
Wish there was a second book.
Enjoyable read.
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