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Sewn By Hand: Two Dozen Projects Stitched With Needle & Thread (2011)

by Susan Wasinger(Favorite Author)
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1600596681 (ISBN13: 9781600596681)
Lark Crafts
review 1: I started sewing by hand 2 years ago. I stopped doing that when I bought my sewing machine - it was a lot easier putting together a bag handle for sure! But this book (which I won in a giveaway) has brought me back to my love of hand sewing. I love the contemplative time spent doing something I enjoy and the unique quality it gives to whatever I am sewing; it feels so much more personal and made with love.I like how the book is packaged and put together. The photos are lovely, the author's color and material choices make the book and her creations look so inviting, cosy and comfortable. The introduction to materials, threads, stitches and different ways of knotting is useful though perhaps basic for a more experienced sewer. The project instructions are very clear and illu... morestrated with photographs. I like the tips the author gives on colors, techniques, fabrics and the hunt for materials. The "portability factor" indicated for projects is pretty useful if you like to bring your sewing along with you on trips or if you want to use your hands during errands or activities outside your home. I usually read on the bus, now I can sew too.There are about 20 projects in the book, most of which are simple enough even for a new sewer. They include common and practical ones like an apron, owie puffs, a tote, potholders and more interesting ones like a hassock, slippers and even a bikini. The first one I took on was the felt thread caddy. What an easy project it was! And super useful - which many of the projects in the book are. I will probably tackle close to 10 of them and use some of the ideas and techniques from the other projects in my own crafting. For instance, I don't need curtains but I like the idea of the ribbon sewn as decoration in the Sheer Curtains project, and plan to adapt it for use on a skirt.
review 2: As a real believer in the 'slow cloth' philosophy I was really pleased to see this book. I get tired by all of the advertisements that everything, seemingly, must " fast, fun and fabulous" - or some similar iteration of that sentiment. Going slowly is more meditative and, especially with sewn articles, you can really sew a it of yourself into what you make when you do it by hand.This little gem of book is venerates both the art of slow cloth - sewing by hand - as well as the eco-friendly philosophy of recycling with aplomb. The projects are very well illustrated, fairly simple and eminently useful. Hand sewing makes the look.The table of contents says it all. A well illustrated dictionary of hand stitches is thorough and well done. I really like some of the included projects. A great apron (not some skimpy little thing) made from recycled button down shirts. Salvaged shirts make another appearance as very well thought out "cafe napkins" that make great use of the buttons on the shirt. Another favorite project I found is for a tote bag - that includes simple directions for making your great looking covered buttons.I think that this book should hold wide appeal to sewers of all persuasions - hand and machine as well as to eco conscious recyclers. The projects are useful, fresh and delightful. I also think this book is a great value. Both in monetary cost but also for the seriously good feeling that slow, hand sewn, cloth combined with serious re-purposing can bring to you. less
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Wonderful philosophy, attractive photos, excellent writing. I LOVE this book!
Lots of fun projects that can easily be completed in a day or weekend!
cute projects.
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