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Swedish For Beginners (2010)

by Susanne O'Leary(Favorite Author)
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Smashwords Edition
review 1: Scandinavian books are hot at the moment. If you go for twisted thrillers, darker-than-dark novels of crime,you're in your heaven right now.However, there's another kind of Scandinavian literature you should look at. It's that one heralded by Susanne O'Leary, whose crisply written, definitely feminine books have taken the e-publishing by storm of late.Swedish for beginners is the best one to start when you want to get to know her books. The story of Maud in search of her past, and that of her family's, will fill you with a longing to see the places for yourself. Susanne's writing is fluent and eloquent, and the twists of the story will keep you entertained up until the very end.My personal favorite is the delightful way the story of Maud and Lukas unfolds. It takes a very ... moregood author to disclose just the right amount of information and know what to witthold until later, and Susanne O'Leary does that without fail. You will be saddened, amazed, and gladdened by the way it all plays out.If you like your books well written, entertaining, thought-provoking, this is for you, but don't buy it if you are into bleak underworld stories. This is not one of them.
review 2: Imagine, if you can, growing up never having known your mother. Your father is tight-lipped and tells you only that she died when you were a toddler. When dad dies, leaving little family except a stepmother you never got along with, you feel unmoored - like you have no roots. Then going through dad’s old boxes you find a clue that helps you connect with your mother’s family and also, in a way, with your long-gone mother.“Swedish for Beginners” is both a light mystery and an exploration of roots. What makes a family? Is it nature (ties through blood) or nurture (the people that were always there for you). Maybe the answer is a little of both. less
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I was into this book at first but then I just lost interest.
Interesting analysis of Swedish society
Definitely light beach reading.
a finding my roots story
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