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The Haven (2012)

by Suzanne Woods Fisher(Favorite Author)
4.17 of 5 Votes: 2
0800719883 (ISBN13: 9780800719883)
Fleming H. Revell Company
Stoney Ridge Seasons
review 1: OK, now I see that each book in this trilogy is about one of the Lapp girls. Now it's Sadie's' turn. I guessed early on who the baby was. It's a good story, and what I like about this trilogy is that Suzanne Woods Fisher unites all three books into this family's story. This book is about the whole Lapp family, not just Sadie. Maybe that's what I like about Amish fiction, the whole family is brought to life, not just the main women character. After I read this 2nd book in the series, I thought: How could the 3rd book be better than this? Well, the 3rd is good too! In this series, Amos Lapp the father is not your usual "lay down the law" type of Dad. He's very easy going and steady; a good father figure for the family. This series is a good story, but in a separa... morete category from the amish fiction where the Bishop interferes and there is a lot of unreasonableness. Both types are good reads, but there is a distinciton.
review 2: This is the funniest Amish book I have ever read. I seriously caught myself laughing out loud to some of the adventurous events that took place during this book. Sadie finds her self in the midst of a love triangle while juggling an enormous amount of other responsibilities and happenings while she studies remedies to help cure everyday health problems people have all the while trying to find herself and become a woman of age. Meanwhile the birds are still in the picture from the first book where Menno spotted very rare species and these birds continue to play a big part in this series. I definitely recommend this series cause it was such a fun read and like I said I caught myself laughing out loud numerous times! I think it’s safe to say that this is one of my favorite Amish books of all time! less
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Really love this series. The author has a beautiful way of bringing her characters alive.
Enjoyed the 2nd book in this series It was nice to know more about Sadie
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