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Raunchy (2010)

by T. Styles(Favorite Author)
3.64 of 5 Votes: 4
0982391374 (ISBN13: 9780982391372)
Cartel Publications
review 1: *(Heaving a big sigh)* I do not know why I continue to subject myself to reading these types of books. My friend says its b/c "we all need somebody else drama in our lives!" The main character in this book was just plain ignorant. Harmony Phillips was just 5 yrs old when she witnessed her father's murder and suffered mental and physical abuse by her mother, grandmother, and uncle. Since then her life was just one big mess of lies and deceit. This book was boring and Harmony's character was just so ignorant it almost made you not want to feel sorry for her. The beginning of the book was just horrible and disgusting. I hate reading about children getting sexually abused and by her grandmother was just plain gross. Harmony did have a hard life growing up surrounded by low-d... moreown people. But, I felt in one sense Harmony's character was contradiction. Harmony was devastated by the murder of her father b/c he apparently was the only one she felt loved her. Through out the book the was the one sensitive spot Harmony had and she longed to have her father back. In the beginning of the book right before her father died her father gave Harmony some advice and that was to get an education and be smart. However, Harmony did not take this advice from her father. For all Harmony claims to have loved her father, she neglected to do the one piece of positive advice her father gave her before his murder. Harmony never learned how to take care of herself, she was so hateful and plain ignorant. Once she had her twins who she perpetrated as boys when they were really girls, she relied on them as young kids to make money and support her by using threats and force. Harmony was just plain trifling and I did not like this book. I am sorta of looking forward to book 2 to find out what happens to Harmony's daughter Mad.
review 2: Harmony Phillps had the life that every little girl dream of,she never wanted for nothing but who would've know she has the mother from hell.Her father Cornell Phillps a known drug dealer is taking to jail & after her mother has a jealous fit and after that,Harmony life has never been the same.Forced to go live with her grandma Estelle you can def see that the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree.With no motherly figure from her mother or grandmother who are both alcoholics Harmony has no choice but to turn to the streets searching for love that she will never find,but when she finds her crush jace she thinks all her problems are solved but they are not lurking back in the corners is her suppose to be best friend Kalive aka Kali who will stop at nothing to get her attention because just like harmony he is searching for love to.As time goes on Harmony Thinks she can get everything she will get everything she need by having sex with everybody no one is off limits not even Jace friends.When Jace come into his own and take over his Father empire money is the only thing on his mind and he will stop at nothing to get it.When he finds out that he has a killer after him he is force to go to LA to find out what is going on and learn the truth of what really happen before he was born.Later finding out that he a weak link he has to find out who it is plus keep the killer off his back,but when he find out the truth to a lot of things it will shock you.Raunchy is not for the weak so be ready for what you read. At times this book had me mad and I had 2 put it down but it was a very good read you wont be disappointed!!!!! less
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Raunchy was a true page turner for me a true good read indeed
Off da hook! Now part 2(Raunchy : Mad 's Love)
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