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Choose The Life You Want: The Way To Lasting Happiness Moment By Moment (2012)

by Tal Ben-Shahar(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 3
1615190651 (ISBN13: 9781615190652)
review 1: This is an easy book to read in chunks given the daily reader fashion in which it's written. It doesn't adhere to a calendar, however, so you can read as much as you like or as little as you can stand. The messages are quick and usually followed by an example, sometimes it's an anecdote from the authir's life or that of another person, and sometimes it's from a sociological study. This helps to drive home the point. I have to say that I enjoy the anecdotes from others the most and find some of the studies interesting. The authors anecdotes seem to be less hyperbolic, which also lends a good touch and are often easy to relate to, so that's helpful. And though its nice to open the book randomly and read the concepts and insights, I think this book would really rock if ... moreit had an index to certain concepts so one could pin-point a sentiment that they're struggling with at any moment or just an idea that they'd like to mediate on.
review 2: One of my favourite writers on positive psychology, Tal Ben-Shahar, has written another winner with this book. Ben-Shahar dispenses 101 nuggets of advice on how we can choose the life we want. Each nugget, about two to three pages, contain clear, eloquent strategies and advice. The only downside to the book is that with 101 bit of advice, some of them kind of overlap. I found that the best way to enjoy the book is to read it through, mark off those particulars chapters that has greater relevance, and return to them later to re-read them. less
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Pretty interesting. I plan to read from time to time to remind myself of some good advice. Thank you
The pages of this book are filled with lots of good advice!
Outstanding. I plan on reading it again and again.
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