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Ouija Be My Friend? (2011)

by Tarrin P. Lupo(Favorite Author)
3.17 of 5 Votes: 4
Porcupine Publications
review 1: This short story was just that. Short. If anything it was too short for my liking. If this could be reworked into a longer piece I think it could be something special. It was well written, and entertaining, which I guess is the name of the game. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but I would have like to have seen the other characters fleshed out a little more. The nurse, the grandfather. How Jake was caught etc. This story was certainly enjoyable, but I feel could have been made even better by being longer. I'm looking forward to reading more from this author however, and am interested in seeing what his novels are like. The ability is certainly there, and so I read on with baited breath.
review 2: First a word of warning! Don’t, and I mean don’t, re
... moread this book at midnight and then plan on sleeping. Mr Lupo scared the life out of me with this short story and, yes, I did read it at midnight. Actually, I should be going to bed now but honestly I would rather sit here in my kitchen with all the lights on writing this review than go upstairs where it is dark and scary. Ok, so an owl hooting outside just made me jump, not to mention the bats that are flying around out there. Time to draw the curtains I think! So here it is, an absolutely fabulous scary story of the ghost of a serial strangler, two young sisters who just so happen to be twins, a nursing home and the twins grandfather.Not wishing to give too much away about this story but suffice to say the Ouija board, scary porter and a seemingly innocent nurse are worth paying attention to.This is such a fun read and honestly it is scary! Fabulously well written and skilfully crafted, Mr Lupo has managed to develop excellent characters an amazing plot and all the tension and suspense you could ever hope for in this short story.A brilliant read and a lot of fun. Thank you Mr Lupo for scaring me to death. less
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Short story, quick read, interesting, spooky. Enjoyed it.
Great book just wish it was longer!
good short horror story!
Good fun short story!
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