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Catch That Collie: A Tale About Becoming A Responsible Pet Owner (2011)

by Tarrin P. Lupo(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 4
1937311015 (ISBN13: 9781937311018)
Porcupine Publications
review 1: This book is sometimes free for Kindle. In the form of a picture book, it teaches basics of caring for a dog. The glimpses of Savannah are pleasant. The story is entertaining enough. The incidents aren't so different from a book we love, Harry the Dirty Dog. But even the collie of the title is barely a character. The author may have intended these dogs and people to be blanks, hoping that readers will cast the roles for themselves and their local shelter dogs.
review 2: I watched the video online. The illustrations are gorgeous, great colors and movement. I think a kid would anxiously watch the video but not sure if younger kids will understand everything that is presented. Perfect for older kids and first time pet owners. A hard copy for reference would be a g
... moreood guide. Nice to see an Author, Tarrin Lupo that is doing something about animal adoptions! Support this book/cause if you are able. less
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Childrens story. A good story to read to a younger child on the how and why of dog care.
Not necessarily practical; misunderstandings about the dog's "purpose" in running away.
Free download? Great for children and the illustrations are awesome.
A great story for small children and their first pets.
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